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Tai Davis [Pastry] A visual anthology of culinary works

Have you ever eaten something so magnificent that it evokes an overwhelming emotion? Maybe it triggers a pleasant memory from childhood or reminds you of some special dish a beloved family member used to make. Or perhaps it's completely new to you and as you're enjoying it you're creating an altogether new memory.
bringing back the beauty of coffee table books, Tai Davis [Pastry] does just that by conveying the feelings and elegance of pastry art in print.


Tyler 'Tai' Davis is one of Saint Louis' brightest rising star chefs. His innovative, and unique aesthetic has earned him accolades from press and public alike.

Tai Davis honed his cooking craft serving as executive chef of The Tavern of Fine Arts in 2017, and as Executive Pastry Chef for The Chocolate Pig Restaurant in 2018. During his tenure at The Chocolate Pig, Chef Tai's culinary prowess has been featured in Sauce, Delta Sky, Feast, E-Squared, Band's Through Town and Saint Louis Magazine. Before his success at The Chocolate Pig, Davis worked and staged in other highly praised kitchens, including Element, The Libertine, Niche, Franco and The Demun Oyster Bar. Most recently, Davis had the opportunity to further showcase his pastry skills on the Food Network Show, Halloween Baking Championship.

Currently, Chef Tai has shifted his focus towards consulting, teaching and personal chef services under the moniker ther. He has also re branded his specialty bakery, Alchemy, and is getting his feet wet in the artistic world as Sacred Geometry by Tai Davis, a concept testing the boundaries between food and art.

Look out for his coffee table book, Tai Davis [Savory], a Visual anthology of recent works, coming Summer 2020

Tai Davis [Pastry] A visual anthology of culinary works

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