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Creating is my purpose.


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“I try think of my paintings as a visual diary of the inner workings of my current emotional, spiritual and mental state. They are improvisational pieces highly driven innovation and inspired by texture, color, movement and light. My professional portfolio encompasses a diverse range of contexts, spanning from food styling and photography, to improvisational musical performaces, and even extending to the presentation of bespoke soundtracks to accompany certain collections. My artistic endeavors often center around emotional trauma, spiritual symbolism and forms within nature, exploring the rituals and mechanisms that enable their influences. Additionally, my work seeks to amplify the human experience through sound, color and texture. Through a variety of mediums and formats, my creations aim to engage the viewer as a co-author and witness, fostering novel and unpredictable associations and thought patterns. Ultimately, my art provides an experimental opportunity to challenge one's preconceptions and perceptions.”

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